The Brief

Rucksack came to us during the Pandemic in need of a digital solution that would still keep people moving and travelling. Enthusiastic about this idea, the portal allowed users to plan their next adventure. With a carefully thought dashboard and Google Chrome plugin for planning, it allowed users to save their favourite destinations and collaborate with others for their trip.

The pandemic presented unforeseen challenges to many industries – travel included. How could an industry that became so stagnant navigate such a difficult time and get successful? Of course, a unique challenge needed a forward-thinking product to keep the users engaged, entertained and at the same time excited about their next travel plan.

  • Chrome Plugin Design
  • Dashboard Design
  • Design Prototype
  • High-fidelity Design
  • UI Design

The Showcase

Mobile App

produkt color icon
Rucksack app screen

Travelling was put on hold for many in 2020. But we worked with Techstars winner Rucksack to design a dashboard and google chrome plugin that would enable users to plan and collaborate for their next trip. The website’s intuitive design and cumberless navigation was meant to take the user experience to the next level.

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