Lightyear Health

Age Is Just A Number

The Project

Lightyear Health is at the forefront of a patient-empowerment movement and provides medical care for older adults and patients suffering from complex medical illnesses and injuries. It partners with community care teams, primary healthcare professionals and physicians to offer the world’s best specialty care for treating complex medical conditions.

Surpassing industry standards in the healthcare sector, Lightyear Health is a remarkable example of providing coordinated care that focuses on maintaining the quality of life. Even though Lightyear Health operates in the healthcare space, it is still a niche industry focusing on treating functional and cognitive decline from aging and complex medical conditions. It was a challenge to reach their intended target audience, who aren’t very tech-savvy. The main focus was to bring awareness and get more people to learn about their services, offerings and facilities. Despite them being in the market for a while, the progress was slow.

Lightyear Health

Age Is Just A Number

The Solution

We’ve loved working with Lightyear Health and seeing them grow. Our growth marketing efforts focus on refreshing their website copy for brand awareness, creating clear, short and concise copy for search engines and social ads and generating high-quality leads with the right content marketing tactics.

With a well-thought growth marketing strategy, we’ve been able to help our client, find their target audience group and even retain them for extended care and support. We have empowered their audience with an easy-to-navigate, simple-to-understand website and content that speaks directly to them. With just the right mix of everything, our team at Produktiv has helped Lightyear Health surpass industry benchmarks.


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