Social Scavenger

All Work and No Play Makes Team Meets Boring

The Project

Tired of those boring team meetings? Well, meet Social Scavenger! It specializes in creating engaging in-person, virtual, or hybrid team gatherings through games so that you and your team can’t seem to have enough! Now help your group build trust, communicate freely and collaborate easily – all through the power of play.

The Technology Platform, Social Scavenger, needed a playful approach to getting the word out that team gatherings needn’t have to be dull. Especially after the pandemic, when in-person meetings came to a standstill and hybrid ones only led to zoom fatigue, Social Scavenger wanted to innovate and tell the professional world that the power of play is the way forward.

Social Scavenger

All Work and No Play Makes Team Meets Boring

Responsive Design

The Solution

The product’s wireframing was nothing but fun! We were able to carve a balance between being light and casual as well as professional and forward-thinking. Our designers collaborated with the Social Scavenger Team on the minutest details to only create a product that was not only innovative but also something that the audience found useful.