New World Inc.

New World Inc.

The Brief

New World Inc. is an augmented reality platform that lets users experience collectible NFTs from iconic celebrities, athletes, musicians, artists and brands. With access to over 174 utility-based access cards, New World provides an opportunity to create, market and utilize NFTs at a global scale on the Ethereum blockchain.

‘Optimize to Convert’ was the mantra New World was trying to get to with their website. They wanted users to jump to their platform and then stay there. Not bounce. The biggest hunt was to have a design that would match their business. One that was unique to their brand and would stand to their brand proposition.

  • Dedicated Innovation
  • Product Strategy
  • UX Experience
  • Website Build
  • Wireframing

The Showcase

Our approach was kind of a mixed bag with New World. Website design is an art, but for driving conversions, we got to the science behind it. With strategically placed buttons, scan-able copy elements and mindful navigation, we were able to give them a product that was a conversion machine.

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