Pricing & Engagement

Providing start-ups with affordable strategy, design and development solutions to help them reach their goals.

Why People Work with Us

🏀 Startups

  • Find Product-Market fit

  • Craft exceptional brands and experiences for fundraising

  • “Training Wheels” for growth. Full dedicated team to ensure success

💻 Business

  • Rework, Replatform or Rebrand

  • Spearhead new Digital Products and Features

  • Grow at the pace of a Startup

  • Build Growth into Digital Products


  • Asses opportunities for growth and investment

  • Connect with exceptional founders with proven revenue

  • Shorten the journey to revenue with proven process & team

Digital Product Audit

Uncover opportunities and set realistic goals for growth and product roadmap

Starting at $1,600

❕Client Commitment: 2-3 hours

  • Research with premium marketing tools
  • Facilitated workshop
  • Strategy presentation
  • Strategy direction
  • Template access

❕Timeframe: 10 business days

Digital Product Audit Image 1

Produktiv Methodology


Based on audit recommendations, we facilitate a workshop to build a comprehensive strategy and project roadmap.

$5k per module
Strategic Framework Image 1

🌊  User Flow

📚  User Stories

📐  Wireframes

🎡  Creative Direction

📞  Com Strategy

📚  Info Architecture

🗓  Content Calendar

🧲  Search Strategy

📮  Distribution Strategy

📅  Growth Test Calendar

⛳  Revenue Goals

🎛️  Attribution audit

📊  Budget & Forecasting

📐  Wireframes

👷  UX Research

🎨  Design System

🪤  Clickable Prototype

✍️  Copywriting

🖥️  Web Design

📱  Web Development

🧙  Social Creative & Publishing

📆  Resource Sections

📽 Video Production

🎨  Advertising Creative

💻  Landing Pages

📊  Campaign Setup


Full creative execution from top of the funnel advertising and content, to website and user experience. All bound by a comprehensive strategy and vision.

Starting at $10k
Creative Framework Image 1

Dedicated Team

Weekly sprints, execution, shared project board and account management. Collaboration across all teams are focused on achieving goals defined in the strategy.

Starting at $5k per month
Strategic Framework Image 1

🌄  Product Roadmap

✅  Feature Validation

🔮  Ongoing Design

📲  Agile Development

🏠  Host and Maintain

📄  New Creative + templates

🧰  Tools and Calculators

💻  Search Engine Optimization 

📅  Content execution

📊  Monthly Reporting

📊  Advertising Execution

✅  Optimizations

🎯  Growth Tests

📊  Monthly Reporting

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