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The Brief

Marbl gives you the best mood tracking, journaling, and reporting experience – all wrapped within a single app. Designed in consultation with therapists, it accelerates users’ personal growth by accessing insights into what makes them tick at an emotional level.

Conceptualized in Toronto in 2019, Marbl was both innovative and experimentative to undergo extensive user experience design, prototyping, consultation, and user feedback to address the shortcomings of other mood tracking solutions.

Marbl didn’t need an out-of-the-box solution. It needed a simple, smart approach to help users relate their mental wellbeing with their physical sensations. Our client needed a solid brand conviction and product solution to help unpack and normalize their emotions in a way that was straightforward to understand and easy to navigate. The biggest problem was to entertain the user enough and ensure that they check back to the app daily to log their emotions and can see patterns of what triggers their mood.

  • App Design
  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Design Thinking

The Showcase

Mobile App

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Mobile App
Marbl app screen

Mobile design

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Desktop App
Marbl app screen

We unpacked Marbl in a way that it was simple yet innovative, smart yet user-friendly, and foolproof yet practical. We brainstormed ideas for its name and strategic approach and continued doing so until we nailed it.

We presented two ideas:

(A) The first one was something like a colouring book where users get to colour new images/drawings based on their emotions, and at the end of the week can gauge their mood based on how the colour of the images. During this time, the working name of the app was Emote. The colouring images were called emotes.

(B) The second option was collecting marbles for each log and week. The users would get a marble in their collection. The colour of this marble would represent the emotion of that particular log.

The client loved the second option! That’s when the app was renamed Marbl.

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