Agile SEO Fuels +660% Surge in Leads

In an evolving market, Go Evo needed the ability to pivot their product marketing strategy to respond to changing trends, Produktiv ensured the brand stayed relevant in a competitive landscape of consumer demands.

+660% Increase in Monthly Leads Generated
+34% Increase in Monthly Organic Impressions
+55% New COVID-19 Keyword Rankings

The Brief

Go Evo provides true operations visibility so that organizations can be safer, more cost-effective, and more efficient. Their SaaS product suite provides the tools, training, and support to help organizations surpass their operations, asset, and work management goals with a focus on ease of use, digital accessibility, and affordability.

GoEvo came to us at the onset of the pandemic. They had a product offering called PPA which offered health & safety screening tools for organizations. Our challenge was penetrating the market during a global pandemic when there was so much competition for those keywords and information overload.

In a post-pandemic market, GoEvo has again shifted its primary product focus from health and safety back to operations management with the help of a robust SEO and content optimization strategy. 

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The Showcase

A New Identity

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Much like the name GoEvo (Government Operations Evolved), our success in marketing their product was due to being adaptable and evolving quickly with the pandemic. Early-on, our focus was on marketing the covid-19 test tracking of their tool, and as things evolved, it shifted to vaccine tracking for employees.

From landing pages and industry-specific case studies to organic and paid social ads, the success we saw was a result of a holistic growth strategy. Optimizing the website for SEO was a main focus as search queries for their offering was growing exponentially month over month throughout the pandemic. From backlink building to content publishing, we worked to always expand their keyword portfolio.

In a post-pandemic market, Go Evo has shifted its main focus away from health and safety tracking back to operations management solutions. With this pivot, Produktiv has adapted and optimized the website content to improve organic search rankings for new keywords. 

New landing pages, testimonials, and on-page SEO optimizations have driven new traffic to key pages for “operations management” leading to an increase in MQLs month over month.

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