The Brief

Frontlines is a youth charity dedicated to Weston and the surrounding areas in the GTA. It empowers people between 6 to 29 years through home-cooked eats and structured programs. Leadership training, summer camps, and homework clubs are some successful initiatives the organization has taken to support youth voices through the community.

When Frontline approached us, the organization was expanding their programs into other communities. They wanted a clean website design and branding that would support this vision. Like other charities and NPOs, the goal was to create a platform to spread their cause, get interested people to learn more about their mission, promote events and activities and build a community where others would come and share their thoughts and opinions.

  • Branding
  • Creative Solution
  • UX Experience
  • Website Design

The Showcase

A digital funnel to voice the youth community

Brand icon
Website Design

Perfected For Screens

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Responsive Design

Frontlines was the first ever Produktiv FC winner. We were so honoured to help them revamp their website and suggest branding solutions so they could reach more people in need and promote fundraising efforts at scale.

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