The Brief

Cryptostar Corp is a Canadian publicly listed company. It operates in the USA & Canada and is dedicated to becoming one of lowest-cost self-mining cryptocurrency producers in North America and a major supplier of GPU and ASIC miners and hosting solutions worldwide. It operates data centers in the USA and Canada and has received two awards for its innovative data center designs in Utah, USA.

When Cryptostar approached us, the concept of Bitcoin was relatively new. People didn’t believe that digital currency could move the world or that it was the future of money. We had to change the mindset. It wasn’t just about building a platform. It was about changing people’s perceptions of cryptocurrency.

  • Creative Solution
  • Design Sprint
  • UX Experience
  • Website Build

The Showcase

Bitcoin is Unstoppable

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Website Design

Perfected For Screens

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Responsive Design

Beautiful Branding

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A New Identity

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Logo Design

Fruitful brainstorming with the Cryptostar Team, going from low to high fidelity prototyping and thinking lateral instead of linear, did the trick. We were able to craft a product that bridged the gap between our client’s audience and their offering. It’s all that matters, isn’t it?

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