Schulich ExecEd

A Leap Ahead In Professional Growth

The Project

Schulich ExecEd offers managerial and executive programs for lifelong learning and development of managers, professionals and executives. This way, it helps organizations improve the capabilities of their staff and individuals and add skills, knowledge and further opportunities for their careers.

Schulich ExecEd has a wide range of offerings. Their website had tons of scattered pages, each driving not the most intended traffic. We could see our client needed a good website with bang-on navigation, a clean site structure and a well-crafted growth marketing strategy to rise and shine.

Schulich ExecEd

A Leap Ahead In Professional Growth

Responsive Design

The Solution

With Schulich, we took a two-pronged approach. In the first phase, we put together a clean and well-sought website that would be easy for people to navigate and find relevant information. Once we had that, we amplified it with our growth marketing tactics. Quality content was a part of the mix, and so were email marketing and paid ads.