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The Brief

Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc. is a Canadian quantum technology company founded in 2016. It builds quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere. The company has taken a full-stack approach and builds hardware and software, and pursues state-of-the-art research with select partners. Enterprises and researchers can use Xanadu’s photonic quantum computers through the Xanadu Quantum Cloud (XQC) service and Strawberry Fields application library.

Getting started in 2016, Xanadu needed to build credibility and get leads. Having a website alone was not a solution. The company needed a conversion funnel to draw in customers and retain them. Besides, they needed a platform to provide additional work details while boosting exposure and visibility.

  • Creative Thinking
  • Design Sprint
  • High-fidelity Design
  • Innovation
  • Website Build

The Showcase

The Ultimate Quantum Computing Playground

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Website Design

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Desktop App

Xanadu’s product offerings were complex. And we had to break it down into simple pieces of information that would be easy for people to understand, engage and ultimately buy. Our goal was to provide the client with a clean design solution that bifurcated for their different end-buyers, that was simple to navigate and click-worthy. Did we achieve that? Xanadu’s success story says it all!

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