Faster Feedback per Frame

The Project

ReviewStudio is an 8 year old Toronto-based startup that makes online proofing & review of digital content easier than ever. This SAAS product is designed to help creative teams and remote agencies easily collect precise feedback on videos, PDFs, and more in one central hub.

After rebranding ReviewStudio and launching their new site, it was time to start generating traffic and qualified leads with a tight outbound budget. They needed to compete with big companies like and attract the right persona without dumping their startup capital into ads.


Desktop App

The Solution

ReviewStudio’s strategy was holistic. From persona-based landing pages and product tutorials to outbound social and search campaigns and video production, our campaigns were targeting users from all sides. We noticed an opportunity in search queries to answer the question “what is online proofing?” and build a page dedicated to that which now ranks #1 for that query and brings in significant traffic every month.