Insurance for That One Day

The Brief

Oneday Insurance, originally known as Wiz Life, entered the competitive life insurance market with a mission to make Life Insurance simple and accessible.

Seeking to shift from being a brokerage to offering their own policies, this where Produktiv came in. We helped build their brand, crafted a compelling messaging strategy, and developed comprehensive communication plans tailored to their target market for their new insurance products.

By offering flexible, no-medical products, they transformed the industry, ensuring quick approvals and comprehensive coverage. Their focus on customer-centric policies has filled gaps left by traditional insurers, making Oneday a trusted leader in protecting Canadian families’ futures.

  • Branding
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Creative Direction
  • Lead Magnets
  • Web + Branding
  • Website Copywriting
  • Website Design

The Showcase


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Website Redesign

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Responsive Design

A New Identity

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Logo Design

Beautiful Branding

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Spreading The Word

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Oneday’s strategy was built around the concept that “oneday” something could happen, and they are the solution for that uncertainty. We focused on creating a brand and messaging that embodied this message.

This included a comprehensive rebranding, crafting a compelling communication strategy, and developing messaging that resonated with their target audience. By emphasizing the importance of being prepared for life’s unexpected events, we helped Oneday clearly and effectively convey their value proposition, establishing them as a trusted leader in the life insurance market.

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