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The Brief

GrowthLoop aimed to revolutionize marketing by unlocking the potential of data warehouses, enabling marketers to launch high-performing campaigns with trusted customer data. Their Composable CDP empowers non-technical teams to segment audiences, orchestrate cross-channel journeys, and measure campaign success.

Partnering with GrowthLoop, we helped design the product from the ground up, focusing on product innovation and design sprints. We developed multiple versions, integrating innovative features and AI tools. This collaboration enabled marketers to create personalized campaigns and adapt strategies efficiently. Growth Loops platform is now essential for companies like NASCAR, Indeed, and the Boston Red Sox, driving significant growth and transforming marketing operations.

  • Design
  • Design Sprint
  • Design Thinking
  • Product Design Sprint
  • Product Design Sprint and UX strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

The Showcase

User Journey

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Dashboard Design

All About the Visuals

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UI/UX Design

GrowthLoop revolved around democratizing data access for marketers, allowing them to leverage customer data without technical barriers. We set up a robust design system that ensured sustainable growth as they introduced new features.

This involved creating a comprehensive design system, developing intuitive and scalable features, and implementing AI tools to enhance functionality. Our design system enabled GrowthLoop to maintain consistency and efficiency, facilitating the seamless introduction of new features and innovations. This approach positioned GrowthLoop as a dynamic leader in data-driven marketing solutions, ready to adapt and grow with the evolving market.

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