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Mainline Fire

The Brief

Mainline Fire is making a difference in fire safety. Its focus is on providing professional, outstanding fire protection equipment services across the GTA for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Founded by two friends who recognized the need to standardize and simplify fire safety, Mainline Fire has been seeing tremendous growth.

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • SEO
  • Website Design

The Showcase

Design That Ignites Engagement

Brand icon
Website Design
Mainline Fire Website Design

Perfected For Screens

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Responsive Design
Mainline Fire Responsive Design

Beautiful Branding

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Mainline Fire Beautiful Branding

A New Identity

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Logo Design
Mainline Fire Logo Design

Their mission was twofold: craft a brand image that nurtured reliability and expertise and position Mainline Fire effectively within the niche of fire safety services. Mainline Fire’s modern logo and branding strategy was built from the ground up and focused on safety, reliability, and industrial expertise. Recognizing the gaps in the strategies of their competitors, we prioritized building a brand presence in the current digital landscape. The new website was meticulously designed with keywords to enhance its search ranking, ensuring it stood out. The result was a striking digital presence, with a website that looks good and provides information for those seeking expertise in industrial fire safety.

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