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Dr. Tanya Williams

+250% Increase in Monthly Traffic
+478% Increase in Followers
+400% Increase in Patient Referral Form Download
+325% Increase in Blog Traffic

The Brief

Dr. Tanya Williams Fertility Centre is a fertility clinic located in North York, Toronto. They support individuals and couples in their fertility journey, from initial consultation to testing and treatment.

Drive more digital patient referral forms, bring in a broader pool of people, and be a source of trust and education for current and potential patients coming in.

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Social Media
  • SEO

The Showcase

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The Breakdown

Experienced and professional, they have impressed the partner with steadily improving metrics early into their partnership. Their blog and graphics have earned positive feedback from patients, showcasing the team’s strong creative skills. Customers can expect a detail-oriented, communicative team.

Dr. Tanya Williams Fertility Centre

The first step was making the patient forms accessible and visible from all over the site. Adding CTA’s in prominent places made an instant impact. We also launched a Fertility blog and an Instagram account, sharing insightful content, the latest studies, success stories, live Q&A’s and more on a monthly basis. We were able to bring the Instagram account from 0-600 followers with high engagement, and the clinic saw a noticeable impact on the type of patients they were starting to attract as a result.

As inquiries grew and capacity shrunk, we set up automated email sequences for post-PCOS diagnosis, post-IVF recommendation, and post-consultation booking. These sequences had incredibly high open and click rates and helped patients self-educate to reduce repeat-questions to the clinic’s staff.

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