BLiNQ Networks

Connecting Communities

The Project

BLiNQ Networks is a Telecom company that provides 5G Wireless Solutions for service providers. They specialize in bringing wireless access to hard to reach, remote areas with the FW300i, their affordable and fully integrated hardware and software solutions.

Minimal traffic, fierce competition, and a goal of growing organically. How could we bring in multi-million dollar deals strictly through organic search?

BLiNQ Networks

The Solution

In order to compete against the big competitors in Telecom, we had to find our niche: rural communities. With a content-heavy campaign focussed on rural-connectivity keywords, BLiNQ started ranking above Forbes, CNET, and CBC on core keywords. Years later, this content still makes up 30% of monthly site traffic.

With this surge in traffic, leads needed to be qualified. The solution: a semi-automated chatbot alongside a lead qualifying survey, downloadable resources, and automated email nurture sequences – all connected to their CRM.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Monthly Leads


Decrease in bounce rate