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Green P Parking

The Brief

Green P, the face of Toronto parking, isn’t just about parking anymore. With the new era of electric vehicles (EVs), Green P recognized the need to evolve from traditional parking facilities to cutting-edge EV charging hubs. Its ambitious journey to transform itself from a traditional parking provider to an EV charging supplier required a strong, clear and effective digital communication strategy and campaign.

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Build
Enterprise, Technology

The Showcase

Design That Energizes

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Website Design
Green P Website Design Example

Perfected for Screens

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Responsive Design
Green P UX Responsive Design Example

A digital platform was crafted for Green P to effectively communicate their vision and illustrate Toronto’s imminent EV future. The focus remained on user experience, which is crucial for upcoming phases, particularly when streamlining the transition from web to mobile app experiences. The result was an exciting, informative, easy-to-navigate website that transcends a mere digital billboard, acting as an educational resource that highlights on-street and off-street charging spots, readying Toronto for the approaching EV surge.

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