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Building Against The Odds

The Brief

The BEA is a black-led initiative that exists to amplify and advance the next generation of Black entrepreneurs. With their upskilling programs moving from the virtual classroom to an IRL setting, they were ready to tell their story in a more impactful way – through video testimonials.

BEA has built their brand against the odds. They have passionate employees that have faced the same adversity experienced by their alumni. So who better to tell the story of BEA than the team itself?

They needed dynamic, cinematic, and accessible video for their website, but didn’t have the means in-house to produce it themselves.

This is where Produktiv comes in.

  • Content Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Website Build

The Showcase

Website Overhaul

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Explainers from the Team

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Video Production

Breaking Boundaries

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Real Stories from Real Entrepreneurs

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Video Testimonial

In Their Element

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The journey from script to the final product was a meticulously orchestrated process, blending creativity, organization, and collaboration to capture the essence of the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance’s impactful programs.

It all began with crafting a compelling script that succinctly highlighted the breadth and depth of their offerings, weaving a narrative that resonated with the audience. 

Our video production team, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, arrived at YSpace, ensuring every detail was perfect, from lighting, to teleprompter, to camera angles.

We directed the BEA team, guiding them to passionately communicate their program benefits. Later during the same day, we captured the heartfelt testimonials from proud alumni of the BEA programs.

Hours of high-quality footage were expertly edited, carefully selecting the most powerful moments, seamlessly integrating visual elements designed in-house, sound editing, and adding a captivating soundtrack. 

The final product emerged as an inspiring video series that not only showcased the BEA’s diverse programs but also captured the transformative impact these programs had on their alumni, painting a vivid picture of empowerment and success.

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