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User Research Template

Collect actionable data and insights to build the digital product your users want. Our User Research template will show you how.
In this Framework:
  • UX Research Methods Guide
  • UX Research Planning Templates
  • Analyzing & Presenting Data
  • Additional Resources


Why do User Research?

It’s simple: you can’t build a “user-friendly” product without knowing what your users want. In UX design and product design, User Research is conducted to help identify your target users’ needs, preferences, pain points, and motivations. By gathering the facts early on, you’re ensuring every stage and component of your design process can serve a purpose in solving users’ problems. Good User Research is the best insurance you can get to prevent wasted time and money otherwise spent on rework, fixes, and headaches.

Tap into your users' needs

More than just asking questions and listening, gaining valuable insights from User Research requires comprehensive planning, knowledge of methodologies and, most importantly—informed analysis. Not only does the researcher need to apply the right research method and tools, they’ll also need to know how to turn opinions, numbers, and data sets into actionable insights that come through in their design.

Everyone is not your customer. Everyone is not your customer. Everyone is not your customer. Everyone is not your customer. Everyone is not your customer.

It starts with User Research

You have a vague idea of what your product can solve and who your target users are. Now it’s time to put your theory to the test with a comprehensive User Research. There are several established research methods and techniques for different types of products and stages of their development. In order to produce valuable results, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with these and the industry’s most current best practices. Thankfully, with this Framework, you won’t have to start from scratch.

What’s inside

User Research Template

  • UX Research Methods Guide

    Get a quick overview of the common UX research methods, including their unique outputs, benefits, and drawbacks.

  • UX Research Planning Templates

    Build a robust research plan with our easy-to-use Figma templates for the 3 most common research methods: interviews, usability testing, and A/B testing.

  • Analyzing & Presenting Data

    Translate your research data into actionable insights and next steps. Our Framework covers different data types, affinity mapping, and presentation templates to communicate your findings.

Who it's for

Designers. Team leads. Founders.

You don’t have to be a UX design guru to use our Framework, but it’s an especially powerful tool for:
  • UX & product designers looking for a quick refresh of user research must-knows.
  • Team leads who want to strengthen and validate their product strategy.
  • Startup founders launching a new digital product.


User Research Template

Lay the groundwork for your user-perfect digital product. Download our free Framework now.

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