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User Flows & Stories Template

Design and develop a digital product that solves your user’s problems.
In this Framework:
  • User flow + stories template
  • Personas
  • User stories
  • User & wireframe flows
  • Journey map


How do user flows & stories help?

A digital product is considered successful if it solves your users’ problem(s), which is why it’s important to have a user-centric mindset through every stage of your design process. User stories are bits of information about your target audience that summarize their pain points and guide the overarching objectives of your product design. User flows, on the other hand, outline how a user might interact with your product through visual representations of the “paths” that the user might take.

From high-level to ground-level

The perfect user stories and user flows have just the right amount of information. Too little, and your vision gets lost. Too much, and your designers get lost. When developing personas, make sure you’re including all the right details so you and your team can leverage the most useful tool of all: empathy. If designers can’t empathize with their users, then the product won’t do what users want.

People ignore design that ignores people. People ignore design that ignores people. People ignore design that ignores people. People ignore design that ignores people. People ignore design that ignores people.

It starts with User Flows & Stories

Don’t let the big picture get lost in translation. Develop concise but thorough user flows & stories and let it guide your product design. Build out your personas—their demographics, fears and desires—and write empathetic user stories that pinpoint their pain points. Then, experience your product from their perspective with a user flow, wireframe flow, and journey map to ensure smooth interactions at every step.

What’s inside

User Flow + Stories Framework

  • Personas & archetypes

    Paint a picture of your audience your design team can put to use. Just fill in the blanks on our template.

  • User stories & map

    After your personas are written, our user story and user map templates will help you define how your audience(s) will use your product.

  • User flows, wireframe flows & journey maps

    Turn your user stories into user and wireframe flows to visualize the paths your users will take in the product. Then, use our journey map template to evaluate user experience in a holistic view.

Who it's for

Founders. Strategists. Designers.

You don’t have to be a design pro to take advantage of our Framework, but it’s an especially powerful tool for:

  • Startup founders & business owners working on a new digital product
  • Team leads overseeing a product launch
  • Product designers looking to refine their user-centric techniques


User Flows & Stories Template

Download our Framework for free and start planning your user-perfect product.

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