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Social Media Creative Planning Template

Save design time with our 2023 social media image sizing guide! This convenient Figma template includes the proper image sizes for core platforms, with bonus tips and tricks.
In this Framework:
  • Figma Template
  • Social Post Sizing
  • Profile and cover image aspect ratios
  • Documentation Helpers


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What's a social media image sizing guide?

It’s your source of truth for creating social media content that needs to be distributed across multiple platforms. When creating social media content you will need to make size variations of the same design for each platform’s requirements. Skip the headache of trial and error or scouring the internet for all the right sizes and use our Figma template instead!

Created once, used again and again.

Our team has done the hard work for you, we combed through blog posts and reviewed all the latest social media image guideline changes to create a template with the most up-to-date social sizes. Now you can spend less time worrying about sizes and more time focusing on crafting incredible content. Download our template once, and use it every time you create social content!

The perfect post starts with the perfect size. The perfect post starts with the perfect size. The perfect post starts with the perfect size. The perfect post starts with the perfect size. The perfect post starts with the perfect size.

Three side by side screenshots of the pages of the figma social media sizing template.

It starts with the right sizing

Finding the right sizing for all your social media platforms shouldn’t be something you struggle with over and over, which is why we made this template. Proper image sizing enhances brand consistency and ensures your posts and paid ads adhere to all platform guidelines. Use our template as your quick reference guide and streamline your content creation process by easily exporting your designs with the right ratios every time. After all, let’s face it, a distorted image won’t do anything for your brand presence. So, start right with every post.

What’s inside

Social Media Image Sizing Figma Guide

  • Updated for 2023

    Trust your posts will always meet the current sizing requirements and say goodbye to bad crops and distorted images.

  • Optimize your Design Flow

    Use our sizing guide to help you organize and plan your social feeds. Apply our documentation helpers to indicate where designs are approved, published, or still in progress.

  • Social Media Platforms Included

    We’ve compiled all the sizes you need for posting and profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Screenshot example of the figma template with four different image sizes and aspect ratios.

Who it's for

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Marketers. Creators. Social Media Managers. Designers.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to use our Framework, but it’s an especially powerful tool for:
  • Marketers who don’t have time to waste
  • Social Media Managers who need constant content created right
  • Designers so they can quickly and easily resize designs
  • Content Creators who want to make a lasting impression


Social Media Creative Planning Template

Download our Framework for free and start posting content that converts.

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