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Growth Experiment Template

Keep track of your growth testing efforts with our easy to use google sheets template.
In this Framework:
  • Testing Tracker
  • ICE Framework
  • Results Summary


What is Growth Experimentation?

A growth experiment is a systematic method for testing and validating strategies that seek to improve your marketing ROI. During this process you will identify problem areas, formulate hypotheses and test ideas that solve those problems in a controlled and measured testing environment. It is vital to track results while running experiments to determine what’s working and what’s not. Our framework gives you a place to do all of these things! By adding growth testing to your marketing strategy playbook you will start to make better, data-driven decisions that propel business growth.

Change is a good thing.

Growth marketing is all about what we can do better to attract more customers, visitors, or users to our business. This requires getting comfortable with change, because we can’t unlock greater business success without trying new things. Whether you’re running ads on social media and search, optimizing your website for conversions, or experimenting with email marketing, this growth experiment template will give you a process for testing and refining your performance marketing strategies. It’s time to make ‘optimize and iterate’ your new motto for growth marketing.

Optimize and iterate, your new motto for growth marketing. Optimize and iterate, your new motto for growth marketing. Optimize and iterate, your new motto for growth marketing. Optimize and iterate, your new motto for growth marketing. Optimize and iterate, your new motto for growth marketing.

It starts with a hypothesis.

Start with a hypothesis to formulate your growth testing strategy. This can take the form of “If – Then – Because” for example: If we reduce the number of steps during the checkout process, then more customers will convert, because we’ve simplified the user experience and barriers to conversion. Your hypothesis doesn’t need to be overly complicated, but it should be informed by your data analysis and past efforts. Growth testing is an ongoing process that requires patience and perseverance. With our growth experiment template, you’ll have a reliable framework to guide you through the testing process, helping you unlock valuable insights and scale your business.

What’s inside

Growth Testing Framework

  • Testing Tracker

    This intuitive testing tracker stands as a comprehensive go-to solution for growth experimentation. It systematically records your issues, hypotheses, and solutions and tracks the optimization results with added features and tips for prioritizing impactful, easy-to-implement optimizations.

  • ICE Framework

    ICE is an acronym for Impact, Confidence, and Ease. By assessing the impact, confidence, and ease of each idea allows marketers to prioritize growth experiments with the highest potential for success.  Enhance your testing process by implementing these high impact tests first and deliver faster results. This built-in tool for prioritization adds another layer of precision to your growth marketing efforts.

  • Results Summary

    We’ve included a place to record and track your testing results. This gives you an opportunity to reflect, analyze and identify opportunities for iteration. Using these learnings to inform next steps means starting the whole process again and adding new (results backed!) ideas to your growth testing spreadsheet. Optimize and iterate, again and again and again!

Who it's for

Performance Marketers. Growth Hackers. Paid Specialists.

You don’t have to be a performance marketing expert to use this template, but it’s a game-changing resource for:

  • Performance Marketers seeking to fine-tune and structure their strategies.
  • Growth Hackers wanting to leverage performance marketing hacks to their advantage.
  • Paid Specialists that need a place to keep track of their all their ad iterations.



Growth Experiment Template

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