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Design System + Clickable Prototype Template

Before you build your masterpiece, you have to lay out your tools—product design is no different.
In this Framework:
  • Design system Foundations
  • User interface Components
  • Resources library
  • Documentation helpers
  • Archive file


What’s a design system?

The design system is what guides the web or mobile app design process. Call it a “north star” or a “conceptual alignment,” it’s the foundation that your designers will follow to make sure the end product answers the what and why of the application. Plus, you also end up with a collection of reusable components that’ll save you huge chunks of time down the road. Skip this step, and you might be hitting yourself later.

How does a design system help?

Once the ball gets rolling, ideas get lost and things get messy. Having a shared and approved design system ensures product & design teams have a clear understanding of the vision, goals, and purpose of the product they’re building. In this shared vision, everyone understands how to optimize user experience at each step, and they’re all pulling from the same components and resources so it stays consistent down to every tiny button.

Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun. Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.

It starts with a Design System

Keep your product design on the mark with a design system. Develop a sturdy set of foundations, including layout, colours, typography, and more. Then, start building your library of components to keep your user interface elements clear and consistent. If needed, you can add additional brand-related resources to add some colour to your mockups. Now you’re primed for an awesome design.

What’s inside

Design System + Clickable Prototype Template

  • Foundations

    Setup your layout grid to start thinking in adaptive design, then determine the typography, spacing, sizing, colour, and other animation behaviours of your product. Our template will guide you through it all.

  • Components & Resources

    Play around with some user interface elements and build a robust library of resources and other icons. We’ve included some of our favourites to help you get a quick start.

  • Documentation Helpers

    Make sure other teams can understand your design system with documentation helpers to tell them what’s what. Take a look at our examples in the template and edit as needed.

Who it's for

Founders. Leaders. Designers.

Our Figma template is designed so anyone can follow along without previous knowledge, but it’s an especially powerful tool for:
  • Startup founders & business owners designing a new cool website or app.
  • Team leads who need to keep their team aligned all the way.
  • Product designers working to streamline their technique and work efficiently.


Design System + Clickable Prototype Template

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