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Distribution Strategy ClickUp Template

Content is great – but having a plan for where it lives is essential. Our Distribution Strategy Framework will help you syndicate like a pro.
In this Framework:
  • Distribution Strategy ClickUp template
  • Distribution calendar & checklist
  • Suggested automations
  • Template Guide


Content Distribution Strategy Template

What's a distribution strategy?

It’s one thing to create amazing content, but what do you do with it once it’s ready? The answer is: as much as possible. Having a distribution strategy helps you make sure your content will be seen by as many people as possible, across multiple platforms, and that the right content is getting in front of the right audience.

Create once, publish anywhere.

A common mistake brands make is to create a piece of content, post it once, and leave it to die. The good news is, a strong content distribution strategy makes your content go further and will help drive traffic, engagement, loyalty, and eventually conversions. Example: you host a webinar (great). Does it make sense to cut that webinar up for TikTok? Should you upload it to Youtube? Can it be gated on your website? Cross-promoted on social and email? Turned into a how-to guide? This is where a distribution strategy comes in.

Great content is wasted if no one knows it exists. Great content is wasted if no one knows it exists. Great content is wasted if no one knows it exists. Great content is wasted if no one knows it exists. Great content is wasted if no one knows it exists.

Content Distribution Template

It starts with a Distribution Strategy

Instead of painfully creating each distribution task from scratch, each time you add a task our template will automatically be applied to get you started in seconds. We’ve created this template with subtasks and custom fields to help you plan your content distribution process making sure no platform gets forgotten along the way.

What’s inside

Distribution Strategy ClickUp Template

  • Distribution calendars

    Get a quick start with our ready-made Distribution calendar. We’ve already built out some common categories so you can just start adding tasks.

  • Full template guide

    Make sure your template is as good as it can be. Our Framework comes with a Template Guide to walk you through your calendar, including creating tasks, lists, time estimations, and more.

  • ClickUp tools & automations

    Power-up your template with our ClickUp hacks and shortcuts. You’ll get familiar with every useful tool in the platform and learn to customize automations to build a seamless, collaborative workflow.

Who it's for

Three memoji heads, one giving a thumbs up, one giving a fist bump, and the other pondering her thoughts

Marketers. Creators. Founders.

You don’t have to be a marketing guru to use our Framework, but it’s an especially powerful tool for:
  • Marketing directors & managers working on strengthening their inbound strategy
  • Content creators who want to get organized and start strategizing
  • Startup founders trying to attract the right audiences through content


Distribution Strategy ClickUp Template

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