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Brand Guidelines Template

Create a stunning brand identity that’s recognizable from miles away.
In this Framework:
  • Brand Guidelines Figma Template
  • Logo
  • Typography & Color
  • Illustrations, Photography & Icons


What are Brand Guidelines for?

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: when it comes to branding, consistency is key. That’s where Brand Guidelines come in. By building a coherent set of standards that everyone can reference and follow, you’re setting the stage for consistent branding across every marketing channel, asset and appearance.

Inspiration over limitation

Brand Guidelines can vary in details, but they all include your most foundational creative elements, such as logo, typography, colors, icons and photography. The strongest, most effective Brand Guidelines have just the right amount of explanation. Ideally, you want to set enough rules to create a clear visual identity—but too many restrictions, and you could be limiting creativity.

A brand becomes a brand when it is consistent. A brand becomes a brand when it is consistent. A brand becomes a brand when it is consistent. A brand becomes a brand when it is consistent. A brand becomes a brand when it is consistent.

It starts with Brand Guidelines

You’ve got the vision, and you know how you want your brand to look—now it’s time to pick out and break down the loose visual elements. Get ready to see your brand in high definition with fully fleshed-out Brand Guidelines. If you haven’t done your research, now’s the time: what do different fonts and colors communicate to your audience? What parts of your brand have to come through in your visual identity? Questions like this will come up as you’re building your guidelines, but don’t worry—that’s what our Framework is for.

What’s inside

Brand Guidelines Framework

  • Logo

    Display the black-and-white variations of your logo and set rules for its treatment, including the icon version, logo placement, and other proportional aspects.

  • Typography & Color

    Decide on the fonts and colors that’ll be used across your communications, including additional guides for letter spacing, sizing, and color pairings.

  • Illustrations, Icons & Photography

    If you plan on having custom illustrations and icons for your brand, here’s where you can keep a usable library. Also make sure to have a few images that represent your ideal photography style.

Who it's for

Marketers. Founders. Designers.

You don’t have to be a branding guru to use our Framework, but it’s an especially powerful tool for:
  • Marketers & branding specialists building companies and brands from scratch.
  • Startup founders & business owners looking to standardize their company identities.
  • Designers who want to work faster and effectively communicate their craft.


Brand Guidelines Template

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